Where are you?


Our entrance is located in the alley of 203 1/2 Main Street next to Bucer's coffee shop. If parking on Main Street, you will need to walk around the corner to our entrance. All parking in our vicinity is three hours, please be mindful to not park in the Wells Fargo lot, they will tow. A map is located on our contact page, the link to which is located at the bottom of this FAQ.


Our shop minimum is $70, and our rates vary from $100/hr-$150/hr depending on the artist.  Some of our artists require a non-refundable deposit which goes toward your tattoo. The deposit amount will vary based on the size and complexity of the tattoo, and will be forfeit if you do not provide at least 24 hours notice for a reschedule, decide not to get the tattoo, or wish to significantly change the design of your tattoo from what is originally discussed.

Walk-INS & Piercing


We love accommodating walk-ins when we can, we generally prefer appointments for larger custom pieces. Always feel free to call or drop by to check in. Piercings are not a service we currently offer, nor can we advise or assist with existing piercings or jewelry. We no longer accept minors as clients, despite Idaho law permitting this with parental consent.

What do i need?

events in our Space


We require government issued photo identification at the time of your appointment, school ID cards are not acceptable. Please show up to your appointment healthy, fed, clean and well-rested in comfortable clothing. Please be mindful of the area you plan on getting tattooed, and dress accordingly. Please let us know if you have any pertinent medical issues, i.e. skin sensitivities to adhesives or a history of fainting. If you have any questions any of the artists are happy to answer.


We love facilitating gatherings in our space when possible, from Sketch Parties to readings, dance gatherings and poster making for our thriving political community, and occasionally even live music. We typically post on our social media when an event is coming up. Do you have an idea for an event in our space? Please email the shop or drop by, Karla would love to talk.