Bitterroot Tattoo Studio was founded in August 2013 by Simon Gentry and has grown to include his apprentice and now co-owner Karla Dagovitz, Chani Murat Ewing, Nick Kaltenbach and Keiffer Becker. A tattoo is a lifetime investment and each of our artists approaches each piece thoughtfully with professionalism and dedication to doing their best work every time. We have a free consultation with our artists so you can collaborate and come up with the design that fits you perfectly. While we love to take walk-in appointments, we encourage you to give us a call to ensure that we can accommodate you! Please see our Shop Faqs for more information.

In addition to serving as a tattoo parlor, Bitterroot is a meeting place for people and the arts. We love hosting community events to foster a relationship between tattoo culture and the world at large. 

We are located at 203 ½ S. Main Street, our entrance is in the alley.

Stop by and say hello soon!